XchangeRate.io Uses AI to Take Crypto Trading to a New Level, with Working Prototype, Pre-ICO under Way

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Cryptocurrency offers new opportunities in many areas of business, but a host of issues make it difficult for new investors to join the crypto economy.

Cryptocurrencies remain highly volatile and are vulnerable to outside influences, such as regulation and technological failures brought about by application design or computer hacking.

Up until recently, it has been virtually impossible for the average investor to stay up-to-date on every nuance of a 24/7 global market with multiple, interdependent currencies. The crypto market requires an algorithmic tool to help users analyze the exchanges and simplify decision making.

A Unique Proposition

XchangeRate.io uses artificial intelligence to provide 24/7 global market tracking, data analysis, multiple cryptocurrencies and immediate order execution. The robot makes “buy” and “sell” decisions based on data available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Plugins and APIs feed the robot data while unique metrics provide its analyzing power.

The XchangeRate robot gathers data across multiple platforms for analysis using artificial intelligence. The data has immense historical value that can be used for trending and forecasting.

XchangeRate also features an Augmented Intelligence Platform that reads buy/sell attitudes from all supported exchanges and combines carefully chosen parameters and intelligent algorithms to provide users with rich insights about coins to trade, with recommendations for optimum entry and exit prices.

In addition to the trading insights, there is an automated trading assistant for those who like to trade around the clock with robots.

Proprietary Token

Meanwhile, the implementation of XchangeRate’s proprietary ERC20 token, XRR, will allow for the archiving of data assets in patterns that break specific user information away to store data, data sources, strategy and time in a way that can be used for ongoing analysis.

XRR is the only currency that will be used by platform subscribers to access any of the platform’s main four modules. This is a powerful use case that can sustain demand for and relevance of the token in a real-world application, especially as the number of subscribers is targeted to hit 1 million by the end of 2018.

Considering the uniqueness and use case of the XchangeRate project as well as the limited supply of tokens, XRR could be trading at $8 before the end of 2018. Currently, the project is targeted to support the world’s largest 12 exchanges and to have 1 million subscribers before the end of 2018.

Presale Begins, ICO Coming Soon

The ICO crowdsale starts April 12, 2018, but investors can take advantage of bonuses by participating in the presale which launched on March 20, 2018. All purchases made during the presale attract 30% additional tokens with a minimum purchase of 1ETH or 0.1BTC.

Holders of the XRR tokens will be the only suppliers of currency to the platform’s growing user base.

While ICOs have expanded among the new generation crypto entrepreneurs since 2016, they have become abused. Much care and research are required to select “gems” from the “junk” in today’s crypto world as a myriad of ICO projects litter the space. Once again, XchangeRate makes use of its unique features to ensure a reliable ICO.

There are two important factors to determine which ICOs have a good chance to succeed.

1) The project has expanded being beyond a mere idea.

2) The project is supported by a self-sustaining ecosystem and use cases that help build, sustain and increase demand for and value of the coin.

This video provides an overview the project’s proposition.

The XchangeRate team has worked on several successful projects and the project is now 80% complete, with a subscriber base of more than 5,000.

For those who thought they lost their chances in bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, a new opportunity is unfolding.


www.xchangerate.io for the MVP

https://youtu.be/UOv1fInzQK8 for how to buy

https://youtu.be/HXaV2GmeBYs for how to sell

https://youtu.be/mPy2j2lu4pw  for the auto bot

https://youtu.be/BVe0m1vp6U8 for the auto the signal

tokensale.xchangerate.io for token purchase

https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/en/ to buy tokens

https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/static/pdf/XchangeRate-Whitepaper_en.pdf for the white paper

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