RightMesh Harnesses Mobile Mesh Networks and Blockchain Technology to Connect Emerging Markets

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Most people in the developed world don’t realize how much connectivity is a luxury. People constantly email, text, search, chat, and correspond with others for business and in their social lives, but in many places such communication remains difficult or even impossible. According to the World Economic Forum, more than 4 billion people remain unconnected, which means a huge portion of the world’s population is disenfranchised from the social and economic benefits that connectivity entails. One of the main reasons why so many people remain offline is a lack of infrastructure provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in remote areas where there is little economic incentive for companies to build necessary infrastructure.

RightMesh provides a solution for communities on the fringe of connectivity. With its mobile mesh networking protocol and platform, which uses smartphones as “nodes” and does not require additional hardware or infrastructure, RightMesh enables a new mode of connectivity in which users need not depend on ISPs. RightMesh supports developers to build mesh enabled apps, or to retrofit existing apps, to provide localized solutions to these currently underserved regions. In addition, with the incorporation of blockchain and tokenization, users of the RightMesh network can anonymously share resources such as internet access, data, and battery power and earn cryptocurrency rewards in exchange.

The potential impact of RightMesh’s technology is especially great for people in emerging markets who don’t currently have access to the financial, social, and educational opportunities afforded to those with reliable connectivity. Instead of investing in expensive hardware or hoping that ISPs will build infrastructure in their region, people living in areas with little to no connectivity who own a smart device can download a mesh-enabled app and gain access to communication and other previously unattainable mobile services.

Though there are other mesh networking blockchain initiatives with different goals, RightMesh chooses to focus on improving connectivity in emerging markets where there is the greatest need to bridge the digital divide. These regions also represent a massive untapped audience for developers looking to reach new users. Interested developers can apply for RightMesh’s SDK, which is currently in private beta. Additionally, in order to encourage the growth of its mesh network, RightMesh is opening participation in the final phase of its Token Generating Event, the Crowd Contribution round, on March 27th.  

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