ICO StopTheFakes Gets Highly Ranked by Experts

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Rating agencies and specialized publications predict the token sale’s success

Prague, Czech Republic, February 27, 2018: Today StopTheFakes Ltd. (StopTheFakes.io), the first copyright protection and anti-counteract blockchain-based project in the world, is proudly sharing with you the news on getting well received by industry experts. In the run-up to token sale (ICO) planned for March 21, 2018 (09:00 AM EST Time) there appear more and more positive reviews and opinions from experts in the press.

For instance, ICObench rating agency аssigned StopTheFakes an average rating of 4,4 out of 5. 29 experts from the agency have analyzed ICO in general, the team, vision and product. ICO, in general, has been rated 5 out of 5. That is to say, StopTheFakes project has taken the third place among several hundred of other upcoming token sales. The founders of StopTheFakes have successfully passed ICO KYC Report procedure which attests to their impeccable business reputation.

Independent analytics platform ICOmarks has assigned StopTheFakes project a very high rating − 8,1 points out of 10. Apart from token sale organization there have been analyzed the product’s potential, business strategy, team and advisors. As of now, this is one of the best results among all other presented projects that finished pre-ICO.

Icoholder, а popular industry media rated StopTheFakes project 4,09 out of 5 and predicted ICO results to be “positive”. It’s worth noting that such parameters as “ICO profile”, “vision”, “product” has gotten the highest rating. Due to this rating StopTheFakes has managed to get to the top of the second ten of 500 projects.

Other industry-specific media and analytics also give high rankings and positive estimates to the project. Among the strongest points experts name strict adherence to the Road Map, release of the mobile app and alpha version of the project. Specialists note excellent performance of the team and positive references of its members, impeccable service record and global fame of the advisors.

“We thank experts, journalists and analysts for their deep trust in us, − says Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO and co-founder of StopTheFakes. − We’ll make sure to take every effort to live up to their expectations”. As the preliminary stage of the token sale shows, investors tend to share this opinion. Perhaps, the rating would have been even higher had we taken more active part in industry conferences and discussion grops. But we’ve decided to focus all our efforts on developing the products”.

StopTheFakes Ltd: The first blockchain-based copyright protection project in the world. It’s a decentralized service that enables right holders to involve Internet users and customers in detecting cases of piracy on the web and counterfeit sales in the real world and to remunerate them for this job. The project was founded by Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov in Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2016.

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