Eligma Taps AI And Blockchain To Create A Unified Shopping Platform

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Eligma, a decentralized, cognitive commerce platform, will change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online.

The combination of AI and blockchain technology will find the best possible deals on products consumers need, continuously monitor the value of their property, and reward them for using the platform. But that’s not all.

A unified shopping account will allow users to shop in all ecommerce stores, check the value of items in their household and learn the best time to sell them. It will also provide a completely decentralized universal loyalty program.

As ecommerce has expanded, consumers find themselves spending a lot of time comparing products and prices. It has become impossible to go through all the online accounts and make a purchase decision.

A ‘One Cart’ Interface

With Eligma’s “one cart” interface, users will be able to connect to all ecommerce stores and manage all their purchases from one account. They will be able to add products to their shopping cart, register with merchants, make payments, place orders and log into online stores.

They will not have to keep track of all the different log-in credentials of different stores or move from one store to another to find what they want.

Algorithms Give Unique Insight

Eligma has AI algorithms that display results based on search input and data about the user’s preferences, location, current inventory, etc., that can suggest alternative products. The algorithms can predict a better-fit probability by comparing price-versus-quality ratios.

Users will be able to see current and future item value based on factors such as local market value, local market demand, condition, age and competitive products’ market price.

They will be able to upload all items purchased in the past and know what their value is, how long they’ve had the items and whether they are still under warranty.

By combining the knowledge of the future item value in the household inventory and the replacement item’s market price, the platform will automatically predict the best time to sell the item and purchase the replacement.

When a user sells an item from his inventory, they will create a universal listing with one click. The platform will automatically publish the listing to selected markets. It will also offer an automated escrow service to facilitate users’ online sales.

All items purchased using Eligma will have a unique designated item profile stored in a blockchain protected database. These databases will include proof of purchase documents, warranties and records.

A Chance To Use Cryptocurrencies

The unified shopping account will allow consumers to use cryptocurrencies to buy from both online and offline merchants, including those that do not accept cryptocurrencies.

The Eligma ELI token eliminates the need to participate in multiple loyalty programs that often discourage consumers from even signing up for an opportunity to reap the rewards. The loyalty program will consolidate merchant loyalty programs in an integrated system. Rather than awarding points, Eligma will transfer value to ELI tokens and credit them to the user’s wallet.

Users will earn rewards for completing certain actions, such as registration, providing profile information, making purchases, adding items to inventory, uploading receipts, referring new users and new online merchants, engaging in social media and more.

Blockchain technology allows Eligma to protect the consumer’s privacy, which is needed when buying from ecommerce sites that typically monitor shoppers’ online behavior.

Turning Every Household Into A Business

“The value of Eligma is in its ability to give people the one thing they can never buy – time,” said Dejan Roljič, founder and CEO. “It keeps track of our purchases and gives us a better overview of what we possess. It calculates the value of what we own and predicts when it’s the best time for us to sell. That is how Eligma is turning every household into a business.”

“We are partnering with important individuals and organizations to have access to an array of knowledge, expertise and experience in commerce and technology,” said Roljič.

Crowdsale Scheduled

Eligma will raise funds through a public crowdsale, starting on April 17. Early contributors will be able to join the presale of the ELI token, starting on March 20.
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