CryptoGalaxy – The First Ever Virtual Universe Based on Blockchain, Launched by Zeepin

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Blockchain technology is considered as the next disruptive core technology after the steam engine, electric power and internet.

If the steam engine has emancipated the productive forces, electricity has met the demands of people’s daily lives, and internet has thoroughly changed the way of information dissemination, blockchain, as the machine of structuring trust, shall revolutionize the pattern of value delivery in human society.

In the past, as global fintech has been involved in the waves of capital, people with great wealth in their hands became more gathered just like what we saw in The Wolf of Wall Street. What has made blockchain so great? In Zeepin’s mind It’s the birth and utilization of token and how this will morph into Token Economy. However, to bring blockchain into a new level, token economy that is being so rapidly developed needs to combine with the real economy.

This is ZeepinChain, the token ZPT, as a credit asset and utilization asset, can be utilized in any link of global creative industry, for copyright protection, talent recruitment, dissemination reward, project funding, etc.

Apart from the utilization in creative industry, ZPT will add a new application context- entertainment DApp. Community users who have been following us have probably already heard about this. The news was released when we did the road show in San Francisco, Dec. 2017.

What is Crypto Galaxy?

Crypto Galaxy is the first exploratory entertainment DApp under Zeepin ecosystem. It’s a virtual universe based on blockchain that consists of countless planets and galaxies. On this DApp, you can use crypto currencies like ZPT or NEO as your exploratory fuel to find and own your planet.

GALA- An Innovation Creation of ZPT Token

Recently, Zeepin has launched a GALA airdrop for ZPT holders and many might have been confused about the function and purpose of this token. It’s not an imitation of GAS for NEO, nor some useless airdropped candy in the marketplace. It’s the current token for this entertainment DApp- CryptoGalaxy that will be used as circulating asset in the whole virtual universe. In the movie Star Wars, every union has its own currency, GALA is the bitcoin in this virtual universe.

Virtual Real Rights- Everyone Can Name His Planet

CryptoGalaxy is a fun try for Zeepin Chain to use ZPT as a virtual real right. Users can use GALA to buy planets in CryptoGalaxy and name them, these planets then become your assets on blockchain. Just like ERC721, this kind of virtual real right is attached to your ID in the game. Unless you trade them, nobody else can tamper or snatch your planets.

A Fun Ride on Your Planet

Each planet is unique in terms of color, block, meteor and day length. Besides that, this randomization will cover the attributes like population, city, technology progress and other factors.You can even have more fun than these. Powered by the technology of AI and blockchain, you can expect a ground-breaking galaxy composed of countless amusing planets such as mango planet, ,strawberry planet, football planet, dessert planet. On top of these, you can make transactions on the marketplace with your amusing planet.

NOW, are you more convinced the CryptoGalaxy is going to gain sensational popularity in an era of blockchain? In addition to GALA earned by mining and planet sell, Zeepin will gradually exploit the rendering engine of CryptoGalaxy. That means, more designers and tech developers will be recruited to contribute more to the community so that anyone can get GALA by means of iterative algorithm.

Steve Jobs never failed to hit the milestone when he created NEXT and invested in PIXAR. In the future, Zeepin Foundation will strive to become a leader in the decentralized entertaining market with the power of CryptoGalaxy and worldwide support. All ZPT or GALA holders will be part of the founders of the company. The open source of CryptoGalaxy means the birth of a strongest renderer in the world. In the future, everyone and every entity can create IP planets.

Last but not least, the number of the first planets is limited. If you want to have one, please stay tuned with our social media channels.


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