Blockchain-Based Advertising Platform DATx Finishes First Successful Crowdsale

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Advertising and Blockchain Technology complement each other really well as the latter opens new frontiers in advertising while making it securer and less of a hassle than conventional advertisement techniques and approaches. But, while in theory, advertisement could become a lot better with the involvement of Blockchain Technology, a fully functional advertisement centric platform was still missing from the picture that can translate this potential to an actual working product.

But, now the advertising space is about to change as the first blockchain-based advertising platform is around the horizon. DATx, a project from the Cosima foundation already has over 100 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) on its advertising centric ecosystem. The bold initiative underwent a first stage crowdfunding campaign earlier this year and raised over 50,000 ETH in the first ever campaign.

User Behaviour Data through Blockchain

DATx is partnering with Avazu, a conventional advertisement giant from the East with global coverage to work on Artificial Intelligence and big data solutions. The goal is to come up with an ecosystem that slices through fragmented clusters of user behavioural data to target the right user directly. AI plays a direct role in this endeavour as it it can be used to accurately target users and deliver meaningful solicitation to the right user.

Right now, DATx is more like a huge behavioural user data archive for advertisement needs but it will soon undergo a new upgrade to a protocol that will recommend the right content to the targeted user by as early as 2019. It has an extensive five year road map designed that will enhance value creation in the ecosystem and make it a fully functioning global leader in advertisement.

DATx Global Campaign

The DATx creators are engaging in an extensive campaign to spread the message of the groundbreaking advertisement ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology. Recently, DATx was featured on the iconic Nasdaq screen located in Times Square, New York. In addition to this move, the platform is being backed by influential investing groups from around the world including QTUM Foundation, VisionPlus Capital,,, Genesis Capital and many others. The message is clear; DATx is going to be a big player in the future of Advertisement.

The DATx team comprises of over 80 software engineers, managers, architects and other senior executives working dedicatedly for the growth of the platform. Senior executives from Avazu, the big contemporary advertisement company are also participating directly and they also participated in the token generation event. The team can be reached via Telegram.

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